Thursday, May 13, 2010

Death of a Quadrotor

We have been experiencing more and more problems with the hollow aluminum support rods warping after some stress. After a fellow colleague convinced us to fly our unit with no angle controls and only thrust, we found out just how fragile our unit was. We managed to stabilize fairly well, but of course the unit was unable to correct for drift. The Wyvern hit a wall and slammed into the hard wood floor beneath. After bending the motors back we tried to fly it again. Unfortunately, we did not take enough care in fixing the arms, because the quadrotor flew even harder into the wall and spiraled to a crumpled death. The videos are below.

Update: We have replaced the broken arm. New photos are soon to come.

First Fall:

Second Fall:


  1. sir
    how to created PID program then how to apply the input value in pitch, roll,yaw

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