Monday, March 29, 2010

Initial Motor Testing

So some exciting news: the motors and ESCs from Singapore have finally arrived! We have hooked them up and tested their speed/current characteristic using a 3A power supply set to 11.1V, a 50Hz PWM (Period of 20000 at 1MHz) signal from the MaEvArM, and the tri-blade rotors. Our initial test results and some pictures/video are below!

Dual-blade props with Mystery motor:

Tri-blade prop with Mystery motor:

Tachometer setup to read RPM of tri-blade props:

Temporary test bench with two tri-blade props:

Current and RPM vs. % duty cycle for tri-blade prop:

Tri-blade motor spin test:


  1. Hello
    Do you have any idea if tri blade have less vibration. And wat is the advantage of the tri. I begin to construct a Tri copter ;-)

    Thanks a lot.

  2. what happens if i give a higher pwm pulse to ESC !!
    will the motor maintain same higher speed or will it stop !!

  3. Does anyone have any conclusions on this? Is a tri-blade or a regular dual blade setup more efficient or cause less vibration?