Thursday, April 29, 2010


Casualties of the Wyvern Quadrotor Project:
  • 1 Brushless Motor: We aren't actually quite sure what happened to this motor. After one of our test launches to see if the quadrotor could get off the ground successfully, we were delighted to see it rise up and clear the box take-off pad. However, we were then horrified to watch it plummet with great velocity into a lab bench. This also bent up our aluminum frame in a way that it may never forget.
  • 1 tri-blade prop and 3 (so far) dual-blade props: The tri-blade prop was lost at the same time as the brushless motor above. The dual-blade props were all due to our first day of flights with the landing resulting in the quadrotor flipping over. While flipping, the props (much stiffer than the three blade props) scraped against the hard floor and chipped.
  • First attempt at landing gear. This consisted of 4 standoffs screwed in perpendicular to the ground. This didn't last long with Paul behind the controls.
  • "Nubbins": These are the small ABS plastic pieces that are glued into the motor supports so that screws can be used to hold the motor tightly to the aluminum support rods. These things fly everywhere!
Here are a few of the crashes we suffered:

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  1. Great work guys - can't wait to see the "final report"